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For those of you here who are new to the experience of erotic/femdom hypnosis or just new to Me here are a few tips to get the most out of the trance experience. For a DEEPER trance and stronger response to triggers listen/watch the same clip at least once everyday for a full week while wearing headphones. This will “train your brain” to enter the trance state much faster and stay much DEEPER. If you haven’t really watched many of My videos or don’t know which one to start with watch “Introduction to Trance”. This video will help guide you to a much DEEPER trance and put in all the basic triggers so you can get the most out of all My other videos. Once you can feel a physical response to My suggestions in this video all the others will work very well and you are ready to move on to whichever video you like.

Something to keep in mind- 

Surrendering your mind and body to My trance and control can be the most amazing, mind blowing and even ethereal experience. I can make you feel the most amazing PLEASURE flow all over your entire body. So you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to PLEASE Me, your pleasure absolutely depends on how HAPPY you make Me. 

Looking for ways to make Me HAPPY?

Joining the inner circle paid memberships is the best way to make Me HAPPY

You may also like to tribute, I know that giving a cash tribute is very exciting but I do not have a direct tribute button so instead buy some videos or join with a paid membership. This might not feel the same for you but this is MY site so anything you buy here is the same as giving Me a cash tribute and will give you the same rush of PLEASURE. If you have the cashme app you can also send money to GoddessZenova

if you prefer to send a gift you can pick something from My amazon wishlist http://a.co/gARcbii


Date: July 27, 2018

13 thoughts on “New? Want to make Me HAPPY? Start here

  1. Thoughts:

    Dedicated Fan has such a nice ring to it.
    The experience is apt and bound to be pleasurable 🙂

    And Being associated with your Inner Circle? a dream come true.

    The development of this new home away from home website is Spectacular. A job well done and getting better. 😀

    I wonder… if customized self help files are anywhere on the horizon. I’ll stay tuned. 🤓👽😵🤐😎


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