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Formulate a plan to make Goddess Zenova, Goddess Anna, and Goddess Maya happy. To find a Goddesses Amazon wishlist: Click the embedded link in the Goddesses photo. A link to her store has been added near the bottom for my navigational ease

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Obedient Slave
Obedience to Goddess Zenova
Obedience to Goddess Anna
Obedience to Goddess Maya
Is Bliss

anonymous slave


Serving Goddess Zenova

Serving Goddess Zenova is one of my greatest pleasures

Serving Goddess Anna

Serving Goddess Anna will bring the most intense pleasure we've ever had.

Serving Goddess Maya

Serving Goddess Maya will bring the most intense pleasure we've ever had.

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Mark Duncan

Level 4

Dedicated Fan of Goddess Zenova since July 2017. Fan of Goddess Anna since March 2019. Fan of Goddess Maya since July 2019. Social media: My Instagram is all about Goddess Zenova and contains digital art stuff I put together while entranced. My Facebook contains a vast mix of erotic and other inspirational stuff. Non friends see Links to GZ along with Inspirational memes. Friends see anything i found interesting or pleasing. My Twitter was originally used just to promote GZ to little effect with very few followers. I currently use it not only to promote GZ but also to interact with the general BDSM community containing a wide variety of kink.

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