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Custom Themes / Scripts

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  • 2 months, 1 week ago
  • Hi I came to think of it,the gruop name custom scripts,themes ,I’m only use it for idea’s for Goddess to use,don’t know if she looks here,does anyone knows.just thinking it most be hard work,coming up with new ideas,all the time.
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  • Goddess Zenova the Huntress:I think we all have those times,where thoughst pops up,or like a voice saying to you,you should stop listen to her. I like to think of them like the rebellions in starwars,hiding somewhere in the mind.But what if Goddess Zenova decided to hunt them down ?

    and next script:Goddess Zenovas prison

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  • just came up wiht another idea.How about Goddess tells you what have happen”t to you since you started your first step into her Den,and after puts you in deep state and tells you again( not sure it would work because you would proberly be in some kind of deep state just starting it)
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    • could maybe be a like a journey back Goddess in plain outfit no uniform,latex,leather or other.just like a normal conversation you could have,Then She hypnotise you and when you wake up she stands before you IN Full outfit Latex,Leather or something els
    • Or how about Goddess Zenova The Nanny (Now be a Good slave while Im gone,said the mind,Nanny knows best)
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    • Just came up,with another idea.The mental hospital time for your lobotomy
      or Goddess the school teacher(have you done your brainwashing)
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      • I love the idea of Goddess as a school teacher! I immeditely imagined Her in thight, sexy teacheroutfit giving us pupils orders and commands. I’m in!
          • and the Other one,could be something for the ones,ho it is difficult to submit completly to Goddess.
            • I was daydreaming while shower,dreamt Goddess with a large blackbord where all difrent thoughst stood written.Goddess voice we will vipe the bord clean.and when open your eyes only thoughts that Goddess want you to have is now showing on the blackboard.
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          Goddess Anna's Amazon wishlist: Goddess Zenova offers a variety of incredibly stimulating themed videos within her arsenal that help us find true bliss. It was her use of these themes; the Gypsy, the Succubus, the Dark Witch, the Alien, etc. that really caught my eye and pulled me in as deep as i am. This group could be used as a collaboration area to share dreams and fantasies that might stimulate existing ideas our Goddess can use within the scope of her total control. Or perhaps this could be a place where we could come together and refine an idea for a Custom Video or Custom Audio Clip (she accepts) and then share the costs since they can be quite expensive, or it could just be an area to come and get really weird and type weird shit, lol. Open to the public. Please feel free to join and share your deepest, darkest fantasies and custom ideas on being totally consumed by our Goddesses.

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